Stay  in Control by Letting Go

“Let go and Let God” We’ve all heard this saying and it seems like it’s easy enough but, for all of us control freaks (and you all know who you are!!!) it’s not that simple. Perhaps it could be a matter of just having a different perspective.


Letting go to gain control of your life is really easier than you think. In this workshop we’ll have a discussion on what that means to truly let go to gain control. Why releasing control of your life is not the same as inviting chaos. And how you will be much happier, more relaxed and surprised that what comes next will take less effort than you thought!

Teacher: Barbara Denson

Co-founder of Quintessence and Co-founder/Co-owner of Power of the Inner Light, LLC

DATE: Monday, September 14 @ 7:00      

 FEE: $20

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