The 7 Year Cycles of the 7 Chakras

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

By Julie Litz

Every seven years our bodies completely change. Over the course of seven years your cells completely regenerate. You are literally physiologically a different person than you were previously. Likewise, our energy centers also develop every seven years. This can greatly affect who we are and how we interact in our world.

Each seven year period directly corresponds with an energy center, while each of the years within that cycle correspond with each of the seven chakras. For example at age 6 we would be in the 0-7 years cycle which falls under the root chakra, and is associated with fear and safety, but in the 6th year of that cycle it is influenced by the 6th chakra, the third eye, which deals with wisdom and would be expressed as something like your first experiences teaching others.

So every 7 year period is governed by a specific chakra and every year within that period is influenced yearly by each of the chakras beginning with root and ending with crown. What occurs during that time period has the potential to greatly impact our realities and influence our self realization process.

You can see the different themes that play out on the chart below. This chart was developed according to the Vedic Treaties Chakravidya. Each person experiences their lives and development differently, however, this is a general outline of how this process plays out.

The following is a list of each chakra, the themes it encompasses and how that chakra is expressed when blocked, balanced or overactive. Understanding what each energy center governs, can help give us clue and understanding to the challenges we are faced with during these time periods and how to prosper.


Years: 0-7

Theme: Fear, Security, Safety, Trust & Survival

We view the world through a child's eyes. Our relationship with our parents, peers and schooling influence this time. During this time we build our feelings about ourselves and the world.

Blocked: Fearful, anxious, unsure, financial instability, ungrounded.

Balanced: Safe secure, centered, grounded, happy to be alive.

Overactive: Greedy, lust for power, aggressive, materialistic & cynical.


Years: 7 - 14

Theme: Feelings, Sensuality, creativity, self-esteem & confidence

During this time we build our self-esteem. We compare ourselves to others. Successes will build our confidence and failures will build feelings of inadequacy. Typically we have our first loves or crushes. Friends and socializing is very important and has an impact on emotional wellbeing.

Blocked: Low libido, fear of intimacy, no creativity, isolated.

Balanced: Passion, creative, healthy libido, optimistic, open

Overactive: Over-emotional, fixated on sex, hedonistic, manipulative.

Solar Plexus

Years: 14 - 21

Theme: Personal power, independence, self-assurance

During this time we enter into adulthood and exercise our ability to make our own decisions and choices. Often we will rebel from our parents or institution. This is where we develop a sense of self or identity.

Blocked: Low self-esteem, feeling powerless, inferiority complex.

Balanced: confident, feel in control, personal power, drive, good self image.

Overactive: power hungry, domineering, perfectionist, critical.


Years: 21 - 28

Theme: Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, self-love

During this cycle we experience intimacy and love. Often we find partners, however, this cycle builds upon other cycles and depending on a persons sense of self and emotional development, this cycle may be impacted.

Blocked: Lack of empathy, bitter, hateful, trust issues, intolerant.

Balanced: Peaceful, loving, compassionate, tolerant, warm, open.

Overactive: Jealous, codependent, self-sacrificing, giving too much.


Years: 28 - 35

Theme: Expression, communication, speaking your truth

This is the time we come into our own and begin speaking our truth. Often our lives change and we begin careers or having families.

Blocked: Can’t express self or speak out, misunderstood, secretive, not a good listener.

Balanced: Confident expression, clear communication, creative, diplomatic.

Overactive: Opinionated, loud, critical, gossipy, yell or talk over others, harsh words.

Third Eye

Years: 35 - 42

Theme: Intuition, wisdom, perception

We begin to search for meaning in our lives and may begin to make choices that will bring greater satisfaction. We move from survival to fulfillment.

Blocked: Poor judgement, lacks focus, poor imagination, can’t see beyond the physical.

Balanced: Imaginative, intuitive, clear thoughts and visions, sees beyond the physical.

Overactive: Nightmares, delusions, hallucinations, obsessive, sees too many spirits.


Years: 42 - 49

Theme: Spirituality, connection to source energy

This is the last cycle before it repeats. Unresolved issues from previous cycles may reappear to be resolved. While some may feel they have had a fulfilling life, those who do not may experience a midlife crisis. This is also a time to begin an inward journey with focus on your own personal existence.

Blocked: Depression, learning difficulties, weak faith, anger at divine, brain fog.

Balanced: Strong faith, universal love, intelligent, aware, wise, understanding.

Overactive: Dogmatic, judgmental, spiritual addiction, ungrounded.

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