The Awakening Soul - Releasing the Veils of Illusion

​By Maria Calleja

Imagine being in a fog that completely envelopes you and you can only see is what is immediately in front of you.  As you choose your next step you are careful, sometimes to the point of standing still, fearful of what may be further along.  But as the fog slowly lifts,  you begin to see a bit more of your surroundings, you start to move more freely and sure, as the scene before you begins to have greater clarity.

Like a fog, the veils of illusion created in our 3D world have left us walking our path with trepidation, always worrying what can come up next. But as you slowly lift the veils, you begin to see yourself, others and the world around you for what each truly is and not from a perception clouded by our past conditioning.  When we question things we have taken for granted, the picture becomes clearer and we start to be freed from the uncertainty and move forward in confidence. 

As your soul awakens to the new reality of who you truly are, these steps will help guide you on your way: 

- Know your truth

- Come from a place of integrity where you honor yourself and others by your actions.

- Trust the inner visions that come to you in moments of silence. 

​- Look around you and for a moment be aware and just breathe.

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