Awareness From Our Eagles Perch

In the next few months, going to our “eagles perch” to see the big picture of what we wish to create for ourselves and our world while focusing our awareness inward for clarity, will help us address the turmoil that many of us are experiencing now.

There seems to be a consensus among astrologers, and channelers that the next few months will be somewhat chaotic and transformative, and our choices will make a big difference in creating our new reality.

Old wounds and scars are coming up more strongly to be healed and seen, and a feeling of exhaustion and being overwhelmed is prevalent . Astrologically, the placement of our planets seems to be pointing to a dismantling of the old structures as we transition to a new way of doing things. Saturn, the planet of control, restriction, and the past, is going head-to-head with Uranus, the planet of freedom, breaking the rules and the future.

During this time, our inner voice will be our stability as we move from dependency on outside influences to being more self-guided. Discomfort with the status quo will push us to make new choices so we become the observer of what is happening in our lives instead of being tossed around by our thoughts and emotions.

To help us do this, we need to find moments throughout the day to stop, breathe deeply, drop into our heart and bring a moment of peace and love to ourselves so we can keep our frequency high. We need to choose consciously where we are going to focus our energy. Ask how each decision makes us feel, does it make our heart sing. Do we shine our light on Hope or Fear, Joy or Anger, Love or Division?

These choices will not only affect what we attract to ourselves but also the frequency that we put out to the collective energy. We need to turn our spotlight, our focus and our energy on what we want to create going forward instead of what we want to prevent.

We must try not to be in "reaction" mode and default to the outside pressures, instead, let us put on our armor of light, keep our sight on the bigger picture and create the new world we truly desire.

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