Updated: Jun 23, 2020

By Catherine Roig

Aspects are the parts of us that have been created through all of our incarnations and experiences through all dimensions and time.

Unpleasant or traumatic experiences can create beliefs or energies that are distorted and run limited “programs” throughout our systems.

At times, others will come forward and “mirror” our aspects to us. However uncomfortable that may be, it is important to be grateful for them. As our aspects are simply signs and opportunities for us to do our inner work.

Even though we may not be aware of the entire story behind our “aspects”, being physically, mentally and emotionally aware that they exist can be enough to begin the healing process.

How we deal with these aspects is an individual choice. When we begin to face our aspects, our “ego” mind becomes confused and we can begin to feel chaotic.. Our ego mind wants to remain in control. When our mind expands into the heart consciousness, all the illusions that have been ingrained into our being become “threatened” until they are cleared away and healed.

Unfortunately, oftentimes we choose to ignore the obvious signs because they appear to be too simple. Remembering that we don’t need the bright flashing lights or loud bells and whistles to receive the appropriate message for the time. Within the “sign” there is a frequency or vibration and it is there that the power to heal our aspect lies. When we invite these aspects into our heart center and sit with them. It may seem strange at first, but the more often we visit this space, the more familiar they become. We are taught, however, when we become aware of an aspect, the first step is to acknowledge it, second is to embrace it and then send it love. Bringing unconditional love and welcoming this part of our Divine self is an acceptance as it being a part of you. This is where the healing begins.

Before you know it, your heart center becomes linked to your reality and awareness and will become the place that you begin to live your life from.

The good news is, as the original confusion settles, there is a new beginning. We discover our Divine Nature within our body, mind and spirit.

A simple practice to heal your Aspects

Go within and find your heart temple.

Invite all the parts of you into this sacred space.

Call upon your Spirit team...Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides etc. After you’ve made connection with them, invite the aspect that needs your attention at this time for example (unpleasant memories, anger, sadness, depression, jealousy, resentment, shame, guilt). Include limiting beliefs, recurring struggles, or a person that may be challenging to you. Here in your Sacred Space, there is no judgement, there is only unconditional love. In this space of consciousness there is the room to heal and bring closure to those parts of you. Here, in this space you will receive clarity, guidance and healing.

The above practice may be repeated for any aspects that you are struggling with.

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