A Message for Our Time

By Maria Calleja

I love learning and gathering spiritual knowledge to pass on to others in an easy, understandable way. In my research I came across a recent article from “The George Collective”, channeled by Karen Frazier, and felt it had an important message worth sharing. I summarized and paraphrased the points that stood out for me in the hope that this version will give you an easy insight into the message.

For the complete channel you can go to: https://www.authorkarenfrazier.com/blog/message-15-from-the-george-collective-trauma-identification#/

We are at a crucial juncture. We can be the tools of our own destruction or the tools of our own salvation. It is up to us to decide.

Would we rather cling to systems that no longer serve us or recognize that we are all citizens of a universe that is all One? Would we rather do only what we want and deny fellow humans their basic human rights, or reach across the divide and recognize the inherent dignity of those whose thoughts, experiences, and beliefs are different from ours? Would we rather do things only for ourselves or reach out our hands to our brothers and sisters who are struggling? Would we rather live in our trauma-identification, or break free of past trauma in order to grow through our resilience, joy, and determination?

These are the choices that are facing us and one of our biggest hurdles is our tendency for trauma-identification. We reward the preference to dwell in the worst things that have happened to us instead of the best, and trauma plays an important role in this human condition. Trauma is a shared experience that ignites compassion and provides the deepest and most significant opportunities for growth.

When trauma occurs, we receive support and compassion from others but only for a short time. Eventually, people get cause fatigue and move on and, in turn, we are encouraged to “get over it.” This implied pressure keeps us from allowing ourselves to fully feel and experience our emotions, so we suppress them, become stuck in the unhealthy emotions and carry them in the back of our consciousness. The more this happens, the more we identify with the bad things that have happened instead of the strengths we have gained from them. Ultimately, we begin to see ourselves as the negative product of our trauma and become trauma-identified (which is a form of clinging to the past), instead of using the trauma as momentum to accelerate our growth.

By not allowing ourselves to sit with the original discomfort, whether it comes from trauma or uncomfortable truths, we prevent our own healing by choosing to remain in old energy. You cannot re-fill a vessel that is already full. If we wish to make space for new energy and new possibilities, we MUST first release the old energy.

It seems contradictory that in order to release old energy, we must allow ourselves the full experience of painful emotions, but it is nonetheless true. Emotions come to us for a reason, and it is up to us to allow ourselves to experience them. When we fail to sit with the discomfort of these emotions, we deny ourselves the space for growth and instead they become an ongoing source of pain and self-identification. This works at cross-purposes to our true nature, which is to grow, change, and progress from both our painful and our joyful experiences.

Trauma always carries with it the seeds of transformation. But in not allowing the full experience of emotion in the aftermath of trauma, instead of watering those seeds and giving them light, you allow them to lay fallow because there is no space in which they can reach full bloom.

After darkness comes light, however, we cannot appreciate the light without first allowing ourselves the full experience of darkness. If nighttime only existed as a faded wash of gray, we would never experience the glory of the heavens with their twinkling stars that remind us of the light even in our darkest moments.

Remember, we are so loved!

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