10 Signs Spirit is trying to Connect with you

By Ruth Egan McCormack

Do you see repeating signs & symbols? Have you wondered if the patterns or sequences you experience are just a coincidence? These signs are usually guidance from your Spirit Guides, Higher Self or the Divine trying to communicate with you.  Here are some common signs Spirit is trying to reach out to you:

1. Feathers 

Has a random feather ever crossed your path?  Does it seem to appear out of nowhere?  This can be a sign from the angelic & spiritual realm.  It means your Angels are with you!  Feather colors have different meanings; a white feather generally signifies that your angels are watching over you and that you are protected. 

2. Red Robin 

A red robin is known as a sacred bird.  Legend has it that the Robin got it’s red breast when it tried to remove a thorn from Christ’s crown while he was on the crucifix.  The thorn pierced the bird's chest making it bleed.  A robin is a symbol of Christianity, and is often seen on Christmas cards.  In general, birds are considered messengers from the spiritual realms.  They are a link between Heaven and Earth.  Robins are messengers sent by the divine to remind us that we are not alone.  You may have heard the phrase ‘Robins appear when loved ones are near’.  A robin will often appear after a loved one has passed away as the spirit of the deceased telling you not to worry, they are ok!

3. Repeated Sequence of Numbers

Do you see repeating number sequences such as 111, 222, 333 often?  You may see the same time of day appear on a digital clock on a regular basis.  One of the most well known number sequences that signifies Spirit is trying to connect with us is 11:11.  This is a gateway of high energy.  If you see it regularly, it means you are One with God, Angels & Ascended Masters.  There is an energetic doorway opening from the other side.  Align your thoughts for your highest and greatest good.  When you see 11:11 you have one minute to send your hopes and wishes to the other side.  I usually chant these hopes 3 times when I see this number sequence.  Repeating anything 3 times gives it more power.  The number 3 represents the three worlds of the Soul - past, present & future, the Holy Trinity and the 3 aspects of self - body, mind & spirit.

4. Orbs in photographs

Do you see orbs in photographs?  Orbs are free-floating balls of light.  They are often seen in photographs of big life events such as weddings, family reunions, etc.  Just as our physical family attend these life events, our spiritual family also want to be there.  We are all energy including Spirit.  These transparent balls of light energy are Spirit’s way of communicating with us, letting us know they are present. 

5. Music (Clairaudient sign)

Spirit does not have a physical voice so it likes to communicate through the lyrics of music.  If you find yourself hearing the same song repetitively, wherever you go, pay attention to the lyrics of the song.  Do they resonate with you or a life situation you are going through?  The song may be the guidance you are looking for!  A recurring song could also be validation of thoughts or feelings you’re having about an issue.  The spirit of a recently deceased loved one may communicate through music to let you know they are ok; you might walk into a room or turn on the car radio and hear their favorite song or a song that was significant in your relationship together.

6. Pictures (Clairvoyant sign)

Do you often see repeating images of the same thing?  Pay attention to what you are thinking of at the exact time you see these images.  One day I was walking in the park thinking of a situation a loved one was in and I mentally wished I knew if they would be ok and at that moment a jogger ran by me with a tshirt saying ‘god is great’ and within 5 mins another person walked by me with a picture of Jesus Christ on her t-shirt. I am Catholic so this really resonated as a sign from Spirit.

7. Knowingness (Claircognizant sign)

Have you ever known the outcome of a situation before it happened?  Do you ever get a deep feeling that a situation will work out even if it’s against all odds?  These are signs from the Universe telling you everything will be ok and you are on the right path.  If you've ever had a bad feeling while you were driving that caused you to turn around and change direction, your spirit guides are communicating with you to keep you out of harms way. When you just ‘know’ something will happen, trust your intuition even if others tell you not to.  As the saying goes “Go with your gut!” 

8. Dreams

When we are asleep, our brain produces theta  waves; in which we enter a dream state.  Our subconscious mind takes over and our “monkey mind” is at rest.  A sense of deep spiritual connection and oneness with the Universe is experienced at Theta.  Sometimes we are visited by a loved one who has passed on in our dreams.  We might even have a dream about a person we haven’t seen in years and run into them the next day.  It’s common to wake up suddenly after you’ve received a message in a dream so it’s a good idea to keep a journal by your bed so you can jot down your dream as we tend to forget our dreams within minutes.

9. Dip in Room temperature

Have you ever felt goosebumps on your arms or felt a chill go down your spine?  You might be familiar with the term ‘someone walked over my grave’.  Goosebumps and chills are a sign that our loved ones are near; literally within arms reach!  This is Spirit entering your physical aura or human energy field. 

10. Becoming aware of repeating events

If you find yourself repeating life patterns you may be receiving a sign from the Universe that you have something to learn here before you can move on.  Several times I have found myself in a job that I am good at and for some reason or other I have been let go from my position.  It is easy to let our ego be bruised in this situation thinking we are not good enough.  Now an ‘aha’ switch goes off in my brain when this happens.  Even though you’re good at your job you might find yourself working with someone you find challenging.  Rather than getting frustrated with this person be thankful they have entered your life.  They are usually there to teach you an important lesson. As soon as you have learned the lesson you may suddenly be “let go” from that job. 

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