Oracle Card Readings

Oracle cards are often compared to Tarot because they are both used for divination purposes. Tarot has a specific system that has been in use for centuries. Oracle cards are relatively new and have a little more flexibility in design and interpretation. In fact, the cards differ greatly depending on the creator of the cards and each will have a theme that may speak to the person choosing to use them. 


Personally, I prefer the oracle cards precisely because of the flexibility. When I do a reading I will often start with 3 cards because those cards start to tell me a story. This is a form of channeling and I always sit and meditate and ask for guidance from my guides and the guides of the person I’m reading for in order to get the highest possible response for the best interpretation. 


Divination, or oracle card reading, is based on the circumstances of the current moment. All time and situations are flexible. The cards will give you a general interpretation of where the possibilities are for your life at the moment as things are currently going. The good news is the cards can also give you a suggestion of where you might change direction or continue depending on what it is you are looking for. 


  • Discussion with the client to get clarity on what they would like to get from the session and how to focus the question to get the best possible outcome.

  • A brief meditation to connect with Spirit guides, angels, etc. 

  • Card reading with interpretation of the cards

  • Closing meditation to thank Spirit. 


30 minutes  $45

1 hour           $80

Reader:  Barbara Denson

Co-founder of Quintessence and

Co-owner & co-founder of Power of the Inner Light