Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki® Level 2 Certification

Reiki level 2 is a wonderful continuation of your inner journey as you learn to strenghten your ability to channel reiki energy.  In this 1 day intensive class you will be empowered with the Reiki symbols through an online Reiki placement.  The focus of Level 2 is to develop a deeper understanding of the Reiki energy and to begin sharing  this energy with others by practicing Reiki professionally.  This class is a combination of Eastern & Western Reiki; traditional Usui Reiki and Holy Fire III Reiki®.

This class covers:
The Reiki symbols
Origins of Reiki symbols
Creating a sacred space 
​Preparations for a Reiki Session
Reiki hand positions for healing others
Distant healing
Symbol Practice Technique
Guidelines on how to set up your own reiki practice
Attunement for empowerment of symbols  through the Holy Fire III Reiki® Online Placement for Reiki Level 2

Upon completion of the class you will receive a Reiki 2 Certificate and have the ability to practice Reiki professionally.  Students are also welcome to join our weekly reiki share where reiki practitioners gather together to share distant reiki over zoom. If you are interested in taking this class please register below.

This is an online class so you must have access to a laptop, tablet or smartphone with the app Zoom downloaded. 

Teacher: Ruth McCormack, Co-founder of Quintessence / Owner of Reikiroom
Prerequisite: Reiki 1
Date: Saturday November 21st 9-4pm
Class Fee: $175
Location: Online Via Zoom